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Kamprofile Gasket

Kamprofile Gaskets consist of a metal core (generally stainless steel) with concentric grooves on either side with sealing materials.

The Kamprofile Gasket is a two-part seal comprising of a precision machined grooved metal core which takes the bolt loading, resulting in extremely high pressure loading, giving excellent deformation and sealing properties – together with a soft sealing material bonded to either side of the core. These materials prevent damage to the flange and fill any surface irregularities.

Kamprofile gaskets are primarily used in heat transfer applications. It offers a safe, effective seal under the most exacting conditions on both standard pipe work and specialist applications in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Kamprofile gaskets are often selected to replace Metal Jacketed Gaskets.

Kamprofiles can be used without sealing layers although this provides an excellent seal, there is risk that the flange surface is inclined to damage especially at high seating loads, which is the reason we recommend Kamprofiles with sealing layers to ensure protection to the flange surfaces from damage in addition to providing an effective seal.
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