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Kamprofile Gasket

The Petrochemical and Chemical industries benefit too, as the gaskets are used in applications where high pressures and temperatures are maintained and consequently high bolt loads need to be controlled.

For flange protection the Camprofile gaskets are normally used in conjunction with a covering layer of either PTFE, Graphite, Tantulum, NAF or metal etc, and provided that the layer thickness is correct in application the flange will be completely protected from the grooved profile of the gasket.


  • Outstanding sealing characteristics at a wide range of seating stress levels. Helps compensate for wide swings in temperature and pressure.
  • Very forgiving of inconsistent bolt torqueing or installation error. Applicable to almost all types of flanges regardless of bolt load available.
  • The working thickness of sealing layers is extremely small reducing fugitive emissions.
  • Low seating stresses required reduce flange damage and gasket removal problems.
  • The gasket cores are reusable reducing cost and eliminating gasket disposal problems.
  • Offers extreme temperature and chemical resistance because of the variety of materials available.
  • Extremely high pressure are easily sealed with confidence.