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Pipe Couplings

Pipe Couplings in it’s most simplistic form connect two pipes or tubes together of equal or differing sizes. They can also act as a repair for damaged pipe.

Industrial Gaskets offers the perfect solution for repair clamps and couplings

  • Pipe couplings suitable for any pipe material
  • Compatible with any traditional jointing system
  • Joins pipes of the same or dissimilar materials
  • Leak-proof joint for liquids, gas and for solids
  • Quick and simple repairs of damaged pipes without service interruptions
  • Installation and sealing principle consistent throughout the range
  • Axially restrained or axially flexible available
  • Detachable and re-usable pipe couplings
  • Maintenance-free and trouble-free
  • No time-consuming alignment and fitting work
  • Easy installation technology
  • No heat or fire hazard: can be fitted in fire risk orĀ  confined spaces without special equipment
  • Progressive sealing effect
  • Progressive anchoring effect
  • Corrosion resistant and temperature resistant
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Long service life

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