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Skirting Natural Rubber

Industrial Gaskets Skirting Rubber is a general purpose 60 Duro Natural rubber designed for use as a sealing strip on a conveyer system, dry scraping or similar application.

The hardness and wear properties of Industrial Gaskets Natural Skirting Rubber are specially designed to ensure it will be worn by the conveyor belt once adjusted, creating a seal and reducing both material spillage and dust escaping.

Industrial Gaskets Natural Skirting rubber is not suitable for use with oils and solvents.

Skirting strips can be custom cut to widths as specified by customer requirements.


Slab Skirting

Cut lengths, strips and custom made shapes available on request

Stock Standard Thickness (mm)
3.0 6.0 9.0 12.0 16.0 19.0 25.0
1500mm x 30m x x x x x x x
1500mm x 10m x x

Standard Strip Size

Available in 30 metre rolls, metre lengths or cut to order

Thickness (mm) Length (m) Standard Width (mm)
75 100 125 150 200 250 300
6.0 30 x x x x x x x
9.0 30 x x x x x x x
12.0 30 x x x x x x x
16.0 30 x x x x x x x
19.0 30 x x x x x x x
25.0 30 x x x x x x x