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O Ring Splicing Kit – Imperial

O Ring Splicing Kit Imperial Sizing – Make your own O Ring with our O Ring splicing kits. Available in either metric or imperial configuration.

Each kit comes with a cutting block, knife, marker, adhesive and lengths of O Ring cord in various cross sections.

Compounds: NBR70, Viton
Total: 5 M + 4 PCS
Part QTY
1/6″ (1.78mm) O’ring Cord 1 M
3/32″ (2.62mm) O’ring Cord 1 M
1/8″ (3.53mm) O’ring Cord 1 M
3/16″ (5.33mm) O’ring Cord 1 M
1/4″ (6.99mm) O’ring Cord 1 M
Marker 1 PC
Cutting Block 1 PC
Knife 1 PC
Adhesive 1 PC

Also available are Imperial O’Ring Kits and Metric O’Ring Kits in standard common sizes.