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Peroxide Cured EPDM Rubber

Industrial Gaskets manufactures and stocks Peroxide Cured EPDM Rubber is a Premium elastomer gaskets and sheet.

The Peroxide Cured Premium EPDM has been cured using a peroxide system making it sulphur free and gives it superior temperature resistance and UV stability when compared to standard EPDM Premium sheet (sulphur cured).

Peroxide Cured Premium EPDM rubber elastomer has excellent ozone and weathering resistance. It is used for sealing against diluted and highly concentrated acids, alkalis and chemicals.

It also has a higher temperature resistance than standard Sulphur Cured EPDM. It can be used on a variety of different applications. Peroxide Cured EPDM rubber elastomer has excellent Mechanical strength and is resistant to hot water and steam.

This elastomer is suitable for prolonged exposure to aquatic environments and will not deteriorate when submerged. Excellent for marine applications or when sulphur free rubber is required.

This Premium EPDM rubber elastomer is supplied with a fine fabric finish on both sides.

This material is available in the following thicknesses in cut standard and non standard gaskets, rolls, strips, washers or metre lengths

Available in 10 metre rolls, metre lengths or cut to order