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Natural Nylon Insertion Rubber

Industrial Gaskets Natural Insertion Rubber is a superior grade rubber made from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber polymers, reinforced with nylon monofilament fabric for improved tear resistance and dimensional stability.

This material has excellent physical properties including good mechanical strength with moderate abrasion resistance. It has a low resistance to temperature and petroleum based fluids.

The specially designed Nylon monofilament fabric reinforcement will not allow fluid penetration and gives this material improved tear strength making it suitable for gasket sealing and applications.

Natural Insertion rubber with Nylon reinforcement is commonly used as a flexible strip, gasket, washer or lining.

(Other sizes / thicknesses available in commercial grade)

Stock Rolls Standard Thickness (mm)
3.0 4.5 6.0
1 Ply Nylon Reinforced 1200mm wide x 10 metres long x
2 Ply Nylon Reinforced 1200mm wide x 10 metres long x x