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EPDM Rubber Potable Water

Industrial Gaskets supplies Premium EPDM Potable Water rubber elastomer sheet and manufactures gaskets from this material.

Potable Water EPDM is a black premium grade Duro 70 EPDM rubber sheet, specially formulated for use in potable water applications and fully certified to AS/NZS 4020:2018.

Potable Water Premium EPDM retains all the other properties of standard Premium EPDM rubber sheet and has high temperature resistance and chemical resistance to acids and alkalis. It has poor resistance to petroleum based fluids.

Potable Water EPDM is specifically formulated for use in applications which require contact with Potable Water and confirms to WSA-109 (2011) specifications.

Industrial Gaskets Potable Water EPDM has been independently tested and fully certified to meet the relevant Australian Standards: AS/NZS 4020:2005 TESTING OF PRODUCTS FOR USE IN CONTACT WITH DRINKING WATER

This material is completely UV stabilised making it highly resistant to ozone effects and extreme weather conditions.

It is suitable for prolonged exposure to drinking water and will not deteriorate when submerged, making it suitable for gasket sealing applications.


EPDM Potable Water is available in the following thicknesses in cut standard and non standard gaskets, rolls, strips, washers or metre lengths.