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Spiral Wound – Style CGIR

Industrial Gaskets Style CGIR spiral wound gaskets are a Style CG gasket fitted with an internal ring which gives an additional compression limiting stop and provides a heat and corrosion barrier protecting gasket windings and preventing flange erosion.  The Inner Ring prevents turbulence and erosion damage to the flange faces at the bore and also acts as a shield to protect the gasket bore and inner windings.

Suitable for use with flat face and raised face flanges and specified for high pressure/temperature sevie class 900 and above or where corrosive or toxic media are present.

Materials commonly used are Mild or Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel and 304 Stainless Steel.

Other materials include Titanium, Monel, Hastalloy, 321 and 320 Stainless Steel Nickel.

Stocks of Style CGIR Spiral Wound Gaskets are held from 15mm through to 750mm in standard flange sizes #150 (ANSI 150) to #1500 (ANSI 1500).