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Ring Type Joint Rubber Coated

Industrial Gaskets stocks an extensive range of Ring Type Joint – RTJ gaskets.

Most standard sizes of RTJ Ring Type Joints can be supplied Rubber Coated.

A Rubber Coated Ring Type Joint – RTJ is totally enclosed in a Nitrile rubber coating. The material of the Ring Type Joint – RTJ is usually Soft Iron or Low Carbon / Mild Steel.

This type of Ring Type Joint or RTJ has three main functions.

  • It is used in pressure or hydro testing to minimise damage to flanges
  • The rubber contact points provide additional seals while protecting the flange surface
  • It provides increased assurance against corrosion, which can occur between conventional Ring Type Joints and the engaged surfaces of the groove.

They are available coated in a range of materials including 316 Stainless Steel, Soft Iron, Carbon Steel, Low Mild Steel, F5 and Super Duplex.

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