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RTJ – PTFE Insert

Industrial Gaskets stocks an extensive range of Ring Type Joint – RTJ gaskets.

Most standard sizes of RTJ Ring Type Joints can be supplied with PTFE inserts.

A PTFE insert is used in order to reduce turbulent flow and eliminate gasket or flange erosion.

The PTFE insert is specially designed so that the self energising performance of the Ring Joint is not impaired.

It is located between the inside diamter of the Ring Type Joint and the bore of the flange.

On assembly the insert is completely trapped between the make up of the flanges, filling the annular space between the flange bore and gasket.

PTFE inserts are typically used on RX or BX style RTJ’s – Ring Joint Gaskets, but can also be used on the lower pressure rated R Style.

They are available in a range of materials including 316 Stainless Steel, Soft Iron, Carbon Steel, Low Mild Steel, F5 and Super Duplex.

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