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Skived Virgin PTFE

Industrial Gaskets Skived Virgin PTFE is the most common form or standard grade of PTFE and has some unique features which, apart from its good slip characteristics and as a high performance plastic provides the advantages of excellent thermal, electrical and chemical properties.

Virgin PTFE It is less noted for its mechanical properties. Virgin or Unfilled PTFE is hydroscopic, which means it cannot be made wet or absorb water even from substances that contain water.

Famous for its extremely good slip characteristics it has one of the lowest coefficients of friction and is chemically inert.  Its is suited to more aggressive applications in the chemical or cryogenic industry or the food manufacturing where hygiene is a necessary requirement.

Skived Virgin PTFE is as a high performance product with many practical applications.  Virgin PTFE also provides the combined advantage of exceptional thermal, electrical and chemical properties that supersede its mechanical features.

  • Easy to machine
  • Non-toxic EU and FDA approval for food contact applications
  • Poor wear resistance
  • Resistant to stress cracking and weathering
  • Limited use in structural components because of low modulus of elasticity
  • Poor mechanical strength
  • Very high specific gravity
  • Insoluble in all known solvents below 260ºC

Available Sizes Width: 1000mm to 2000mm

Available Lengths: 1m to 1.5m sheets, up to 20m rolls

Available Thicknesses: 0.25mm to 25mm

Should your specification be outside of the standards shown, please consult with Industrial Gaskets on your requirement.