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Nylon Rod and Sheet

Industrial Gaskets stocks and supplies an extensive range of Nylon products.

These Polyamides, commonly referred to as nylon and available in Nylon Sheets, Nylon Rod and Nylon Tube and are distinguished by different types. The most common engineering nylons are PA6 and PA66.

Industrial Gaskets Nylon Rod, Nylon Sheet and Nylon Tubes are tough, durable, general purpose engineering material with special grades for specialty applications.

Typical application conditions would be medium speed and temperature in a rugged, abrasive, impact and high load environment.

FDA Approved for food applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent bearing properties
  • High impact strength and toughness
  • Low power factor requirements
  • High wear resistance
  • Very good sliding properties

There are numerous types of Nylon from PA66 through to Nylon with fillers. All are available in Rod and Sheets.

Contract one of Industrial Gaskets sales technicians to discuss your specific requirements further.