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Mylar Sleeve

Mylar isolating sleeve is used to insulate or isolate bolts from dissimilar metal flanges to avoid galvanic corrosion.  Mylar has excellent dielectric strength and low water absorbtion.

Mylar Sleeves are designed to fit easily over the flange bolts, and may be used with standard size bolts and bolt holes even with some misalignment. Insulating sleeves have a standard wall thickness and are generally used with separate insulating washers such as G10/G11 Glass Epoxy or phenolic.

Mylar Sleeve is the most recognised and industry approved sleeve and bolt insulating material.

Industrial Gaskets recommends Mylar Sleeve as it is stronger than Phenolic and less prone to cracking when being torqued or becoming broken during the installation process.

It is available in both Metric and Imperial sizes. The standard length is 900mm or 3ft and can be supplied in full lengths or we cut to suit your bolt length.