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Paclon Expanded PTFE Cord

Paclon Expanded PTFE Cord is so versatile because of its capabilities to handle nearly all liquid and gases. It is most suitable in valves stuffing boxes in both critical and general service, usually used in the smaller valves throughout general industry, but capable of sealing pipe flanges and other irregular shaped faces.

Paclon Expanded PTFE cord can be used in any gasketing application including food, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Its limitations are that of free fluorine and temperatures in excess of 260C.

Typical applications include valves, flanges, ducts, tanks, evaporators, pump cases, digesters, transmission cases, compressor housings, drum lids, portholes, man ways, towers, glass joints, heat exchangers and sight glasses.

Sizes Available: Diameter 3.5mm to Diameter 25mm

Lengths Available: 10m to 50m

Specific sizes and lengths are available upon request