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Packing Hook Extractors

Industrial Gaskets Packing Hooks extractors are the most rugged tool available for packing removal. The flexible shaft is constructed of twisted steel cable which easily conforms to close working conditions. Supplied in a set or individually.

Packing Hook Extractors are –

  • Highly effective and widely used extraction tools
  • Saves labour when removing packing from stuffing boxes
  • Long flexible shank to gain access to glands in difficult positions
  • Corkscrew tips designed to embed in all types of length for packing
  • Available in a range of sizes to meet all requirements
  • T-handle provides good grip for screw action and packing removal

Service Capabilities

  • Size 1 – 5mm & 6.5mm packings
  • Size 2 – 8mm & 10mm packings
  • Size 3 – 11mm, 12mm & 16mm packings
  • Size 4 – 20mm packings and larger