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Natural Sponge Rubber

Industrial Gaskets Natural Sponge Premium Rubber Sheet is a black, premium grade, closed cell Premium Sponge Rubber Sheet.

Natural Sponge Rubber is made from a premium natural rubber compound and will display good resistance to abrasion and impact.  It is open cell and features a solid textured skin on its surface.  It has excellent mechanical strength and is both flexible and resilient with high tear resistance.

Natural Sponge Rubber Sheet is extremely tough and is suitable for cushioning applications with continual cycles of moderate impact.


STANDARD THICKNESS 6.4mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm, 19mm, 25.4mm
STANDARD SHEET SIZE 915mm x 27.4mtrs (6.4mm)
915mm x 18.3mtrs (9.5mm)
915mm x 13.7mtrs (12.7mm)
915mm x 9.1mtrs (19mm)
915mm x 7.3mtr (25.4mm)

Cut lengths, strips and custom shapes are available upon request Sheets can be supplied with adhesive backing upon request.

Contact one of our Sales Team for further information.

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