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Rubber Elastomer Washers

Industrial Gaskets manufactures of a wide range of rubber and elastomeric washers.  Rubber Elastomer washers can be supplied in any shape from simple round or square designs to a bespoke configuration with numerous holes and or slots across the flange.

Whether you are after natural rubber washers, silicone washers or EPDM AS4020 Potable Water approved, Industrial Gaskets can supply.

Base materials are held in stock and therefore our rubber washers can be turned around immediately if they are not already in stock.

Rubber Materials available include Natural Rubber, Natural Insertion Rubber , EPDM Rubber, Peroixde Cured EPDM Rubber, Potable Water Approved EPDM, Neoprene Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Viton Rubber and Silicone Rubber.

Industrial Gaskets manufactures standard Imperial rubber washers as well as Metric rubber washers. We also manufacture all non standard sizes Rubber Elastomer washers.