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Neoprene Cotton Insertion Rubber

Industrial Gaskets manufactures and stocks Neoprene Insertion Superior Rubber gaskets and sheets.

Neoprene Insertion rubber is a black superior grade blended Neoprene and synthetic rubber sheet, reinforced with cotton fabric for improved tear resistance and dimensional stability.

It has good mechanical strength and is flexible and resilient with moderate temperature and flame resistance with some minor petroleum based fuel and oil resistance, including petrol, diesel and LPG.

Neoprene Insertion rubber elastomer is also available without cotton reinforcement for standard applications.

Neoprene Insertion Superior rubber has excellent resistance to ozone conditions, ageing, seawater, swimming pool water and to all meteorological conditions. It also has excellent resistance to alcohol, alkali and acid (both dilute and concentrate) and is UV stable and is resistant to ozone effects weathering.

Neoprene Cotton Insertion Superior rubber has been designed for use in Insulation/Isolation protecting steel and other surfaces, Flange gaskets on pipes and tanks, washers, construction seals and a variety of other sealing applications.


Available in 10 metre rolls, metre lengths, strips, washers or cut to order in standard or non standard gaskets.

Rolls Standard Thickness (mm)
1.5 3.0 4.5 6.0
1200mm wide x 10 m long – 1 Ply Cotton Insertion x x
1200mm wide x 10 m long – 2 Ply Cotton Insertion x x