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Spiral Wound – Style R

Spiral Wound – Style R gaskets are adaptable to non-standard flanges and can be designed and manufactured according to specifications for high and low pressure applications and for severe corrosive conditions.  With spiral wound gaskets Style R- the basic sealing element constructed with V-Shaped metal strip & soft inlay filler strip.

Standard Style R gaskets are manufactured to a nominal thickness of .125″ (3.2mm). Optimum compression is in the range of .090″ to .100″ (2.3mm to 2.5mm) thick.

Winding Materials commonly used are 316 Stainless Steel and 304 Stainless Steel. Other winding materials include Titanium, Monel, Hastalloy, 321 and 320 Stainless Steel Nickel.

Filler Materials commonly used are Graphite and PTFE. Other winding materials include Compressed Fibre and Aluminium.

Style R – Non standard Spiral Wounds are made to order from your specifications.