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RTJ – Type SBX

Industrial Gaskets stocks an extensive range of Ring Type Joint – RTJ gaskets.

The Ring Type Joint – RTJ – Type SBX series is dimensionally the same as the standard Type BX Ring Type Joint gasket. The “S” prefix identifies it as a gasket having intersecting vent holes allowing a pressure less metal to metal initial contact between the gasket and flange groove while made up underwater.

The Ring Type Joint – RTJ – Type SBX series designed primarily for special applications involving high pressures up to 20,000 psi. The rings are manufactured according to American standards ASME B16.20, API Std 6a.

Style BX gaskets are manufactured in accordance with both API 6A and ASME B16.20 size/ratings, all certified to API 6A through EN10204 Type 3.2. They are not recommended for re-use.

A range of materials available including 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon/Mild Steel, PTFE Coated and Super Duplex

Rings Available BX150 through to BX172 – Refer Sizing Chart Below

2000# 3000# 5000# 10000# 15000# 20000#
1 11/16″ BX-150 BX-150
1 13/16″ BX-151 BX-151 BX-151
2 1/16″ BX-152 BX-152 BX-152
2 9/16″ BX-153 BX-153 BX-153
3 1/16″ BX-154 BX-154 BX-154
4 1/16″ BX-155 BX-155 BX-155
5 1/8″ BX-169
6 5/8″ BX-170 BX-170
7 1/16″ BX-156 BX-156 BX-156
8 9/16″ BX-171 BX-171
9″ BX-157 BX-157 BX-157
11″ BX-158 BX-158 BX-158
11 5/32″ BX-172 BX-172
13 5/8″ BX-160 BX-159 BX-159 BX-159
16 3/4″ BX-161 BX-162 BX-162 BX-162
18 3/4″ BX-163 BX-164 BX-164
21 1/4″ BX-165 BX-166
26 3/4″ BX-167 BX-168
30″ BX-303 BX-303

Please note that the above chart is a guideline only. Please contact our sales team for further clarification.