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Ceramic Rope

Ceramic Rope and Braid are manufactured from high temperature alumino-silicate based ceramic fiber combined with high temperature fiberglass reinforcement, with or without additional alloy wire insert. The product is white and odourless, suitable for high temperature applications up to 1260°C.

Ceramic Rope is available in Twsited Rope, Braided Rope reinforced with Inconnel Wire or Square Rope.

Ceramic Rope has an excellent insulating performance with low thermal conductivity.

Excellent tensile performance, high-temperature resistance, electric insulation and excellent anti-corrosion of acid, oil and vapor Temperature rated to 1260 degrees C, it is available in metre lengths, 30 metre rolls for ease of handling or Jumbo rolls on request

Ceramic Rope is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry, ceramic, glass, refractory materials, shipbuilding, aerospace, automobile, machinery, electronics, building materials and light industry.

Available with Very Soft core or Hard core.