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Expansion Joint Single Sphere

Our EJ’s are designed for tough demanding industrial applications as found in Air Conditioning Heating and Ventilating Systems, Chemical-Petrochemical, Industrial Process Piping Systems and Power Generating Systems. They are also commonly used in Marine Service, Pulp & Paper Systems, Water-Wastewater Sewage and Pollution Control Systems. Installed next to mechanical equipment or between the anchor points of piping system the Joint will Absorb Pipe/Movement/Stress, Compensate Alignment/offset, Decrease Systems Noise, Eliminate Electrolysis, Isolate Vibration and Protect Against Start up / Surge Forces. The joints are available in a range of materials including EPDM, Nitrile and Viton. They are supplied complete with flanges in 316 Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Zinc Plated. Flange sizes include ANSI, DIN, Table E or ‘Specials’.