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Industrial Gaskets stocks and supplies a wide range of Polypropylene products.

Polypropylenes are chemically similar to polyethylenes but have somewhat better physical strength.

The density of polypropylene is among the lowest of all plastic materials, ranging from 0.900 to 0.915.

Polypropylenes are perhaps the only thermoplastic that surpasses all others in combined electrical properties, heat resistance, rigidity, toughness, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and surface gloss at a lower cost compared to other thermoplastic materials.

Although Polypropylenes are arranged spatially into Isotactic, Syndiotactic and Atactic, Isotactic Polypropylenes are the most common.


  • Electroplating barrels
  • Pipe flanges
  • Tanks – chemical storage
  • Fume cupboards


  • Low density
  • High chemical resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High surface hardness
  • Negligible moisture absorption
  • Very good electrical insulation properties
  • Poor abrasion resistance
  • Weldable

Available in Rod and Sheet

Rod Colours: Beige, Grey, Black, Natural, 3 Core, Triangle, FR White

Sheet Colours: Beige, Natural, White

Standard Sheet Sizes: 3000×1500, 2000×1000, 2000×1500, 1500×1500, 1500×1000, 1000×1000, 500×1500, 750×1000, 250×1000