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Rubber Steel Core Gaskets

Rubber steel core gaskets have amassed a wide range of applications in sealing technology.

Whenever the secure sealing of media with an exceptionally low leak rate, as well as low bolt loads at relatively low temperatures is required, rubber steel core gaskets provide the optimal solution.

The steel support ring prevents a blow out of the gasket and increases stability, allowing the rubber-steel gasket to be handled easily, even in difficult fitting conditions.

The rubber sealing material ensures a secure seal is created, even in uneven locations, as it has an excellent ability to adapt to sealing surfaces.

The advantages of  Rubber Steel Core Gaskets gaskets are:

  • Tight at even low bolt tightening torques
  • Compensates surface faults
  • Flange and screws can be weaker in their design
  • Angle deviations can be compensated more easily than for flat gaskets
  • Sheathing materials: NBR, EPDM, CSM, FPM and other materials upon request


  • High tightness with low bolt loads
  • Adaptable sealing surface – optimum balances of flange unevenness
  • Safe against shifting or squeezing of the gasket by the steel insert

Areas of Application/ Appliances

  • Pipeline construction, gas and water supply
  • Rubberised flanges, plastic and GRP flanged joints
  • Pipelines in vacuum operation
  • Enamelled pipeline and apparatus flange surfaces

Available in a wide range of configurations.  Contact us for further information.